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"Pig out session at Vikings Luxury Buffet minus the head gear- San Miguel by the Bay"

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon when i decided to head for SM mall of Asia together with my kids and the nanny. As the kids said “bye bye” to my sisters, I was told that our mom decided to have a family dinner at Vikings Luxury Buffet located at San Miguel by the way, Pasay City. I’ve been there before, but I was stupid enough not to take pictures to post on my blog. But this time I was prepared since I have the camera with me. The kids frolicked in the mall for the rest of the afternoon while I patiently waited for the buffet to open. (Doors open at 5:30pm)
My two sisters went ahead and made sure of the reservations. You need to have reservations or you have to be on their waiting list like yakimix. There’s definitely a long line outside the establishment. Here are the prices: P688 for weekday lunch; P888 for weekend lunch; and P888 for dinner (Monday to Sunday). Kids’ Buffet rates s below 3 feet is free of charge. Kids between 3 to 4 feet will be charged P388 (for weekend lunch and dinner) or P288 (for weekday lunch).
Alright! Alright! I’m not gonna keep you in suspense! let me start showing you the pictures!

They serve appetizers, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, American and even Filipino dishes. They also have a wide array of desserts, so whether you have a sweet tooth or just plain “umay” from eating, you definitely have something to be excited about. Let’s start with the appetizers, shall we?

As you can see, they also offer pizza. Not something I was crazy about though, I can buy pizza anytime for delivery. Why would I eat it if I could eat something else that I couldn’t get my hands on anytime, right?
They offer mini burgers, too. You have to tell the cook that you want them so they can prepare it for you. They probably offer this since kids are usually picky eaters.
What’s a buffet without pasta? You can pick any ingredient you want to be thrown on your pasta sauce.
Salad bar.. make your own.. this reminded me of Wendy’s…
…they also offer prepared salads like potato salad, waldorf, fruit salad etc.
For those who love Peking duck, salivate no more! They also have a dimsum section. Choose from Japanese siomai, good old pork siomai, hakaw… yum! They even have herbal soup!!!!
For those BBQ lovers, they have a section for BBQ. take your pick from pork, chicken, fish…
They have the fresh seafood section beside the sushi. They offer oysters, crabs, shrimps on ice!
And of course, they have tempura!!!!! Which never runs out unlike other eat-all-you-can buffets.
Now, my all time favorite… SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more?!!!
Oh, The sashimi are FRESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMMMMM!!!!
For the sweet tooth out there… here’s your heaven…
… if you love frozen yogurt, they do live up to “eat-all-you-can”, so go pig out on frozen yogurt!
jello shots…
If you go for Halo-Halo.. don’t worry you don’t have to shave the ice yourself… hehehe!
They have a wide array of rice cakes, too! The pichi-pichi is delish!
more desserts…
… mini cakes galore…
for the chocoholics out there… they have a chocolate fountain!!! They don’t care even if you coat your rice cakes with chocolate…
With Vikings, unlike other buffets, you don’t have to add additional for your drinks. Its “all-you-can” too! choose from soda or juice…
… light to strong coffee…
… or draft beer. YEP!!! YOU READ IT… DRINK-ALL-YOU-CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who can ever forget the ice cream? They have more than 6 flavors I think… I couldn’t remember. My brains are stuffed with Salmon Sashimi…
This was my plate…
My sister, Paopao and my mom… Paopao hyper after eating 5 helpings of ice cream!
There’s a giant shell outside Vikings. Paopao started goofing off on it after dinner, hyperactivity definitely came from too much ice cream!
my sister and Miles. Goofing by the parking lot… so stuffed need to walk…
Miles goofing under the Hooter’s sign. Hooter’s is just a few meters away from Vikings.
While my mom, youngest sister, Paopao and the nanny went home, Miles, my other sister and I decided to walk off the food we gobbled at Vikings. We headed to MOA. We noticed the zip line. I know Miles wanted to try it, but was too afraid. (He probably got the fear of heights from his dad.) My sister told me to accompany Miles on the zip line since I didn’t have issues with heights. We payed for the fee. P150 per head and if you want to have your picture taken as a souvenir, that’s going to cost additional P100.
As we walk up the stairs, my kid wanted to back out. Reassuring my kid that he won’t fall and that he could just hold on to my hand and close his eyes. The only thing I was really worried about is me puking the sushi and sashimi I ate earlier since we had to lie down on our tummy for the ride. the ride was fun! (i didn’t puke, in case you’re wondering.) Sure as I was, Miles hold on to my hand as if his life depended on it and closed his eyes probably about three-fourths of the ride! And here’s a picture of it for P100.
It was a fun Sunday, I’m sure my kids enjoyed it as much as I did.
You might want to check Vikings’ website for reservations:
more food blogs next time!

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