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"pig out session in Banapple Ayala Triangle, Makati"

July 12, 2011:
My friend Aj Chua and I went on a “pig out session” in Banapple located at Ayala Triangle yesterday.
Aside from chatting the whole time, we also took pictures of our scrumptious meals. We ordered the creamy chicken pie served with potato salad, herb chicken rolls with Basil cream Sauce and Trio of Sausage Fettuccine.
The creamy chicken pie was good at P135, pie crust was a bit sweet, and the filling was packed inside the crust unlike other meat pies sold in the metro. (Believe me, I can name a few places charging twice the amount Banapple was charging and you end up disappointing your taste buds.)
Next is the Trio of Sausage Fettuccine, at P180, this pasta was good, not really spectacular but good. Pasta was aldente, the sauce was, shall I say “wholesome”. If you’re the adventurous eater, this would probably bore you. If you’re the type who likes to play it safe when it comes to flavors, this would be a good choice. On top of that, it’s a big serving too!
Here’s another shot of the Trio of Sausage Fettuccine… ^_^
I couldn’t stop raving about the herbed chicken rolls, most especially the Basil Sauce on top of it. When the plate was placed on our table, I thought it was just a typical chicken gravy  smothered on top of the chicken rolls and dusted with dry Basil leaves.
It was a simple recipe but the flavors were fantastic! They do give a very generous serving and for the price of P 185, you can’t go wrong with that!!!
 Some of you guys might say the portions were small, but to tell you frankly, AJ and I always ate like the friggin’ deadbeats yet we were not able to finish everything! Let me show you what our table looked like.
… define “aftermath”… ^_^
WAIT! There’s more! Their homemade iced tea was divine.. P60 for a big glass just like this..
After our food was a bit digested, we proceeded to practice GLUTTONY! Each one of us ordered a different cheesecake. It was so hard to chose from the patisserie cabinet!!!
After choosing our death by cheesecake from the counter, (by the way, its pay as you order) we waited for our luscious death sentence.
As our orders came, AJ posed with the cheesecake.
Aj had the White Chocolate Truffle Berry Cheesecake P110- this is simply divine! The contrasts of flavors from the cream cheese and berries are two thumbs up for me! It’s creamy and delicate.
I, on the other hand ordered the most sinful cheesecake they have… It’s the Snicker Fudge Cheesecake!!!! At P110, You get to enjoy good all snickers chocolate bar turned into a cheesecake of desire… I’m drooling and I wanna go back!!! I love chocolate, I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!! combining snickers with cheesecake is absolute heaven!
After we’re done with dessert, both of us were stuffed! We had to walk off the food we gobbled around The Ayala Triangle… THRICE!!! I thought it was funny to be surrounded by people who were jogging in that area. They were trying to keep fit, while AJ and I were eating like there’s no tomorrow. ^_^
you might want to check their website:
We’ll have more food trips next time and share our pig out sessions… ^_^

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