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Stackers – The Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hills

Aug 4, 2011:

I’ve been craving for Diner food for the past 3 weeks. I love burgers… I always did. Since I was a kid, I was happy whenever my parents bought me hamburgers as “pasalubong” or “suhol”, which is now happening to me with my kids. Going back to the cravings, I remembered my mom and dad  bringing me and my sister to Rosie’s Diner in Ermita years ago… (it was A LOOONG TIME AGO) Memory of the Diner is a bit vague, but I STILL  remember how the burgers, french fries and milkshakes tasted all these years. The Diner was closed down when the US bases were pulled out from the country. And guess what, I found out that the Diner was a place to “pick up joint” for foreigners! Well, it is located in Ermita, and I don’t care. It’s the food I was interested in anyways. LA Cafe now stands on the old Rosie’s Diner. That’s the main reason why I’m in search of the ultimate burger!!!!

It was a Thursday afternoon, and I had to go to Mckinley Hills, Taguig. I won’t go through the details of why I was there other than I had to go to the company that I will work for in 2 weeks time.  After a few hours, my friend Paul and I decided to get some grub before heading home. I was starving, I forgot to grab a snack before leaving the house. a few meters away is The Venice Piazza. It’s a Venetian inspired mall in Mckinley Hills, and to make it short, you won’t run out of places to eat.

As we walked through a variety of restaurants, some popular and some unheard of, we passed by Stackers. With the posters bragging about their burgers, we soon found ourselves marching to the establishments’ direction like two hungry dinosaurs. Upon entering, we were greeted by the crew which startled me a bit. My eyes started to check the place. It didn’t have the “diner” ambiance I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong, the place is clean! I was probably after the American Diner ambiance, think Archie Comics. More like Johnny Rockets and Rosie’s Diner.
I wasn’t really getting his photograph, he just kinda posed by himself…
just a few people…
As we took our seats, one of the dining crew gave us the menu and mumbled something that we didn’t understand. When they crew left, Paul had a confused facial reaction. As we checked the menu, the dining crew came back, apologized for the wet table and proceeded to wipe the table. I couldn’t stop myself for smirking upon realizing the mumbling was about the wet table.
the menu…
For starters, I ordered a Classic Caesar Salad @ P105. For the burgers, we both had the same thing, “The Massive” burgers @ P215 each. For fries and drinks (we ordered iced tea) we just needed to add P65, just like any fast food upgrade.
caesar salad…

The Caesar Salad is nothing spectacular. Just plain old Caesar Salad. But we were happy munching on the salad while we wait for our burgers.

the iced tea..
.The iced tea was good… not the typical powdered kind in the supermarket…
the fries…

Paul said it was the real deal.. real potatoes like KFC. But you know what,  I don’t think it was real potatoes.  ^_^


the MASSIVE burger

“The Massive Burger” looked small when it was placed on our table. Since both of us were “kapre-like” in size, we thought the burger was a rip off. I remembered Paul saying “not so massive”.  We soon realized that they used ordinary buns for the burger. It was indeed “massive”. The buns were semi-sweet, complimenting the burger patties, the cheese and the sauce were the main elements that kept the patties juicy. The flavor was good, not ground breaking, but good. Paul was eating his burger with a knife and fork, I preferred to eat it with my hands… (amazonang amazona! hahaha!)

after the burger battle
We actually wanted to try out the “Double Massive” burger which has 3 layers of patties and 3 layers of cheese earlier. Good thing we decided to stick with the 2 layer massive burgers…

satisfied smiley   ^_^

On our way out of Stackers, I was desperate for a smoke since I was so full. We had to walk off the cholesterol we gobbled as we hailed a cab home.

you might want to check their website: http://stackersburger.com/
more reviews next time!




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