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Frolic in Legaspi Sunday Market

August 7 2011:

I opened my eyes when I felt Paopao screaming at the cat on top of our neighbors roof. That only mmeans one thing, no more rain. It has been raining for the past week, and my kids were sick and tired of staying home for the weekend. I wanted to go out myself. I dragged myself up and helped myself to a cup of coffee while my kids took their baths excited to find out where we were headed. I texted my sisters (who lives on the 3rd floor, my unit is on the 4th), and asked them if they wanted to come with us to Legaspi Sunday market. It’s the best place to go to since the kids can play and while the adults can check what’s for sale and enjoy eating at the same time.
A few hours later, we hailed a cab to Makati.

When we arrived, we decided to go around the market before having lunch. They don’t just sell fruits, meat and vegetables here like wet markets in Divisoria, Quiapo and other places, stuff like clothes, toys, musical instruments, decors and a lot more can be seen here.

pillow cases…
scented candles for a romantic night.. or just plain relaxing…
decors made from recycled glass… cool!
sea shells…. pearly shells…
alahas ni dyesabel… kasama ang mahiwagang kabibe…
designer spoons.. decors, honey… not for eating…
hampers, jewelry boxes…
the “art” in the art sale are jewelries…
cute… now, if I can only fit in one of those… hehehe!
organic soaps
balms and rubs…
lotions, body butter… I was curios, one of them has coco mint.. I wonder, does it feel and smell like  efficascent oil???
colorful organic shampoos..
more colorful kalandian… ^_^
See?! A lot of things to feast your eyes on!!!!
The main event… the food. Yum!
cotton candy! haven’t had these for God knows when!!!!!!!!!!!!
gourmet polvoron…
Wagyu shawarma… ^_^
Ate preparing the fresh lumpia..

This fresh lumpia stall caught my attention. Living in Binondo should’ve made me tired of eating fresh lumpia. But the thing is, I just love the taste of those fresh wrapped veggies! I ordered 3 since my 2 sisters love them too! P50 each, not bad! considering they sell it for P75 in Ongpin. And they are delicious! You can taste the garlic which is a contrast from the veggies. Veggies were fresh, the wrapper wasn’t too thick.

waaaaaaaaa lumpia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love eating takoyaki’s by samurai… i never really liked the other takoyaki stalls in the malls. But after this batch of takoyakis… I sang a different tune… ^_^
                                                                                       P90 for 12 pcs…
pad thai… 
wine… anyone???
What naturally comes into one’s mind when we say pâté is something expensive made from duck liver, foei gras or chopped liver. Can be served hot or cold, a mixture of ground meat and fat minced into spreadable paste. All I can say is… It’s an acquired taste.. like caviar.. you know what I mean. ^_^
 This was bland, I wasn’t happy about paying P160 for this.
I LOVE SUGAR CANE JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This sign caught my attention….
That’s a half pound burger!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry.. couldn’t help eating the burger….

As you can see… the burger is huge!!!! Monster burger sells a quarter pound burger and a half pound burger. Being a glutton, especially for burgers, (I’m still looking for the BEST DAMN burgers in Manila!!!!) We ordered the biggest which is the half pounder. ^_^  They taste like Burger King, could use a bit more dressing on the patty though, but still good. For the price of P150!!!!!!

While eating, i couldn’t help but notice the music I was hearing. I noticed Paopao swaying his hips and tapping his hands on the chair while we were eating. Miles was tapping his hand too.. (but non of the hip swaying). behind our table was a group of musicians.. I really don’t know what their istruments are called, but all I can say is, they sounded like “JUMANJI”.

I really don’t know what those instruments are called… sorry guys…
Paopao dancing to the beat…
Miles was thinking what to order after the burger and lasagna…
Aunt Bianca are those M & M chocolates?

After eating our hearts content, we took another round of sight seeing. Checking new finds… we got tired of walking around in circles, it was hot for christ’s sakes! It was noon. Instead of going home, we decided to move to another venue. We go back to the place where I got my inspiration to start a blog… Ayala Triangle for dessert! *wink!!!!

watch out for dessert continuation…. ^_^

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