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Earle’s Deli!!!

Miss Piggy went to Earle’s Deli…

yep.. you guys heard it right, I went to Earle’s Deli, not once, not twice! You will know why I keep coming back in awhile.

The German term Delicatessen is a term meaning “delicacies” or “fine food”, plural of Delikatesse that means “delicacy”. And ultimately, from the Latin word delicatus (I know, I’m not funny…I’m annoying for starting the article with German and Latin translation!)

Most countries call these places “Deli’s” instead of Delicatessen. I mean it’s shorter, don’t you agree? Most Filipinos (I said “MOST” not all) consider Deli’s as a place for rich people. I beg to disagree… OBJECTION!!!! Maybe because the word “Deli” sounds “posh” for average Filipino folks, or maybe it’s hard to let go of hard earned money that makes most of us think that way. Those were the 2 things that popped in my head when people say they elude Deli’s for lunch or supper.

I won’t deny the fact that I’m a “meat eater” (guys… I wasn’t referring to a different kind of meat!), a carnivorous person. I love cured meat, lots and lots of them. And I can’t resist meat with oodles of mayo and mustard!!!! I’ve gained a lot of weight because of those condiments. (That’s me in denial that I really eat a lot lately)

This article is composed of several visits to a place called Earle’s Deli in The Columns, Makati. It’s a small place, but clean. The first time I step into this place was way back November 2009 with a colleague, Tony Sierra. We used to have lunch there when we were still based in GT towers.

What made Earl’s Deli unusual? Well, European Deli meats are imported, therefore expensive, but Earl’s makes their own sausages and deli meats. Earle’s Deli is owned by a brother and sister tandem. And just to burst your bubble, the deli has nothing to do with the UK franchise, it just happened that the brother who owns the franchise is named “Earle” too. Earle’s has a German master sausage- maker as a consultant who comes here twice a year to teach their staff how to make authentic deli meats.

Aside from cold cuts and sausages, they also sell salads and cheese!!!!

They made sure to put a generous amount of meat in their sandwiches, and it is worth trying their peach iced tea. They were serving maple iced tea before though. They also offer a surprisingly rich macchiato. Good selection of cold cuts and sausages to choose from to satisfy your palate at home or at work with your do-it-yourself sandwiches. I took a picture of the menu while I was waiting for my turn to order.

Ann and I met up at Earle’s since it’s near her office and easier to get a ride to her house, there are trikes near the fire station. I was there with my friend Paul after we went to 101 Hawker Food House. We headed for Earle’s after a heavy supper since i needed to bring something home for my kid.

Let me show you a number of pictures for your eyes to feast on. Let’s start with the Smoked chicken and Canadian Bacon on French Bread Sandwich I ordered for my kid. The crew allowed me to take pictures while she was “assembling” my sandwich. I think the word assembling would be more suitable than creating…

Smoked Chicken with Canadian Bacon Sandwich in French Bread(P141 or $3.28)

Roast Beef Sandwich on French Bread(P151 or $3.51)

Classic Italian Sandwich on Wheat Bread(P156 or $3.62)

Beef Pastrami Sandwich on French Bread(P145 or $3.37)

Meat Trio Sandwich on French Bread(P134 or $3.11)

You can have your sandwiches on either French Bread or Wheat Bread, name your poison.
You guys have seen how scrumptious these sandwiches are, and I guarantee that an order would be enough to make you full(trust me!). Now you know why I had to come back a number of times, I can’t eat all of these on one sitting(have mercy on my waist line!). They are generous on the amount of meat that they put on your sandwich, not to mention they whip up great condiments for their sandwiches. They don’t settle for just mustard and mayo, they also use aioli or horseradish sauce.

I might go back to order their sausage sandwiches(well, I can only eat one at a time… my pants might pop if I eat everything in one sitting!)You can also buy their cold cuts, sausages and make those sandwiches yourself at the comforts of your home. They sell them by weight.

pre-packaged sauges and cold cuts…

If you’re looking for bottled sardines, condiments, sauces or even coffee beans, they also offer them.

As for me, I say I love this deli!!!!

I even bought another sandwich home . ^_^

I recommend you visit them and see what a deli has in store for you. I gave you the quoted prices, not so scary after all, right?

contact details:

Earle’s Delicatessen
G/F The Columns 6821 Ayala Avenue Corner Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue
Makati City

more to come folks! just allow me to lose a pound or two(How I wish!) ^_^


2 comments on “Earle’s Deli!!!

  1. AJ
    October 12, 2011

    I so miss this place!!! T_T


  2. rache
    October 13, 2011

    Me too… brings back happy memories in GT towers too!


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