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December Reunion- UNO Seafood Restaurant

UNO Seafood Wharf Restaurant

High school reunions… There are a lot of horror stories and shit if you listen to older relatives about them. Former gossips, love teams, wall flowers, arch enemies, nerds and best friends come together to basically find out who made it or didn’t make it after 10 years or so. I know you’re thinking that my opening remark is harsh… but that’s we watch in the movies and most of us do in high school reunions (let’s cut the crap!). On the lighter side, most people in these reunions are just plain happy to see friends or people who contributed as pieces of the puzzle for what we are now.

Bles Wong, organized a reunion, and the aim was to see each other with our own families over dinner.It was not organized in a short notice, she had to reach every single one of us thru Facebook for the details, the venue and the confirmation. We all have our own schedules so planning ahead would allow us to lock the date. We also had to RSVP if we are attending with kids, yayas, and the spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend since reservations were needed for the tables.

Reunion Day- December 27 2011 UNO Seafood Restaurant in Escolta, Manila
I was late, considering I lived near the area. Hey, I came from work that day, and I had to go home all the way from Taguig to Binondo just to fetch Miles before going to the restaurant. I know I was running late, but it felt good to know that Elaine was running late too! I wasn’t really sure who were attending, but I brought the camera for a lot of picture taking that night.

Upon entering the restaurant, I quickly scanned the room for anyone I know. All I can see in the ground floor of the restaurant were families dining and talking in Chinese. Miles and I headed towards the stairs for the second floor. Then it hit me, I was here before, exactly a year ago with my family. Once again I scanned the area for my former classmates, there were foldable dividers, providing so-called walls for each reservation.

I was able to see Kimberly thru the folds of the so-called dividers. We had to 2 tables reserved for the occasion (not everyone was able to make it because of the schedule, some were out of the country, some were sick, some got lost and others just plain MIA) Elaine finally arrived, getting teased by Kim’s 2 kids for her punctuality. That meant more picture taking… And the last person to make it was Zeb who got lost on his way to UNO.

It felt good to see them… it was like giving you a flash back when the grim reaper is about to take your soul. I know my choice of comparison is distasteful, but that’s part of my personality. As I was saying, it was a flashback of some sort where you get zapped back to the past, specifically in a classroom setting with everyone chatting and smiling and then you suddenly get yanked by the collar to the present. I saw Wendy, Aileen, Richmond, Cecil, Mark, Bles, Kim, Jan with their spouse and kids. Everyone was way different, way more matured. It was more than a decade when I last saw some of them.

I know you’re waiting for the part where I show you the food… hold your horses! For those who are familiar with how Lauriat food is served, it usually takes a long time before the next dish is served. I was actually glad that UNO didn’t do the same that night. Food was served one after the other… well almost. Here are details about the food:

Package: P4800

Menu includes:

1. Soy cold cuts

2. Steamed Suahe

3. Braised Bean curd

4. Mashed Polunchay Soup with Seafood

5. Steamed King Fish in Soy Sauce

6. UNO Special Fried Chicken

7. Sautéed Chicken & Squid Fillet with Vegetables

8. Yang Chow Fried Rice

9. Almond Jelly

Price was reasonable for me, food was not bad too! During one of the conversations over dinner, someone mentioned “chicken pie” that made me remember two details about UNO: First, is that I’m not a fan of their chicken pie. My uncle once bought chicken pie for us to try, and frankly, I had tasted better chicken pies at a lower price. The pie filling was just bland, with too much goo (there’s a difference between cream and “gaw-gaw”). I know a good old chicken pie, simply because it’s one of my favourite comfort food. Second: Is that my mom raves about their Oysters XO. I couldn’t eat oysters, clams or mussels because of allergies.

The night ended with tons of pictures, promises of tagging each other on Facebook, planning the next reunion after celebrating the New Year. Hugs and kisses were everywhere as we said our goodbyes.
As I set my alarm to 2am, I wondered… what would happen if we had a reunion twenty years later…
I smiled at the silly thought and decided to turn off the little light bulb inside my head.


2 comments on “December Reunion- UNO Seafood Restaurant

  1. Eves
    January 14, 2012

    Nice to see you all, kahit sa pictures! Hope everyone is doing good. 🙂


  2. chester
    January 21, 2012



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