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Catching Up with Kansi

It has been awhile since I last posted an article. I promised to fire up the blog this 2013, and an invitation from Mark Baldonaza 2 weeks ago was perfect to talk about our own individual projects.An afternoon of catch up chit chat with my photographer friend over ice cold red horse beer was perfect.

As we finished our last bottle, Mark and I decided to get some Thai grub in Makati. Walking a short distance from where were drinking helped us work up an appetite.

Too bad the Thai place was closed when we got there. So we go with plan B, we go for “lasenggero comfort food” called Bulalo.

Patpat’s Kansi was just a block or two away from the Thai place, and we are going to have something good for dinner.

Upon entering, we immediately noticed the cozy interiors. We took our seat next to the fan since the alcohol we consumed was kicking the temperature up.

As we looked at the menu, we decided to order Kansi/Bulalo and Kansi/Laman. And since I wasn’t eating rice, no matter how much Mark persuaded me, we ended up adding pork bbq to our orders.

Service was fast, and you could imagine how our eyes sparkled upon seeing the Kansi.

Kansi Bulalo
Kansi Laman

The broth was surprisingly good. different from the usual bulalo from Tagaytay. The meat was so tender.

The bone marrow, well Mark enjoyed it himself.

pork bbq

We thought the pork bbq was going to taste ordinary, but much to our surprise, it has a unique flavor.
Alas! Our drinking session was complimented with a hearty dinner.

Mark the happy trooper

While walking to get a cab home, we grabbed dessert, Sansrival from a nearby Burger Machine.

I know it’s cheap Sansrival but I don’t care, I had great childhood memories with it and I don’t believe good things have to come with a steep price. Mark was happy with dinner and was a trooper when we grabbed cheap dessert.

And that is what kaladkarin-diaries is all about… definitely NOT about the price. Until next time!


One comment on “Catching Up with Kansi

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    March 29, 2013

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