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Shawarma… The Cheap Fill…

On my way home, a conversation with an old friend reminded me of a cheap favorite… Shawarma.

Shawarma Stalls

I wasn’t referring to expensive Shawarma’s located in high end places or restaurants claiming authentic Shawarma. I’m referring to cheap Shawarma sold in stalls located in Buendia LRT, near the overpass. I know it’s not authentic, but who can go wrong at 40 pesos?

One of the stalls
Kuya preparing the Shawarma…

The stall above is where I bought my Shawarma. P40 for a large one. For an additional P12 you get a big plastic cup of palamig (gulaman)

So here’s the P40 shawarma that I bought on my way home…


like my Shawarma drowning in garlic sauce…

drowning in garlic sauce…
Shawarma Rice

If you’re looking for something heavy, go for Shawarma Rice for P45. It doesn’t look as appetizing as other Shawarma Rice, but you have to understand that it’s not fancy dining. But if you’re looking for a decent meal as you get caught by the rush hour near Buendia, drop by the Shawarma stalls to get your fill without paying a hefty price.


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