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Maginhawa Street Food Trip

Yes, I am… I am a lazy bitch… I just realized that my last entry on this blog was almost a year ago… the backlogs are unacceptable. It’s now 12:30am, a very good time to write while the Tazmanian devil clones are sleeping ( Sigh! Yes, I am referring to my kids…) So… let me share my food adventures in Maginhawa Street, Quezon City.

July 29, 2013- A text message made me decide to visit Maginhawa Street in Quezon City. My good friend, Aj was free that day, and his timing was perfect!

Since I was completely clueless on how to go around Quezon City, Aj gave me specific instructions to save me from getting lost. He asked me to take the train from Carriedo (LRT) to the last train station, Roosevelt Avenue. Armed with my cellphone (thank God for camera phones), I took what I thought was a train ride to our meeting place… it was a trip down memory lane instead. I used to ride the LRT from my home in Pasay City to my grandmother’s house in Caloocan City. I used to stare at the Chinese cemetery from the train whevever it passes R. Papa station, I tried to memorize each station,  and this made me smirked when I remembered the numerous times I was beside a pervert (there was no “ladies only” area back then).

A half an hour later (the train stopped many times for some reason), I reached Roosevelt station, with AJ waiting for me. We had to ride a bus to Quezon Avenue and ride a trike to Maginhawa Street. Honestly, that’s he only thing I can remember. I’m very bad with directions… I’M NOT KIDDING…

Maginhawa, was named after a positive Filipino characteristic which could either mean “convenient” or “refreshing,” this place has been one of the favorite hang out spots of students, faculty and employees in Quezon City area. As Aj and I strolled and chat, I noticed that the street offers a long row of homey food stores and a variety of cuisines. Located near UP Diliman campus in Quezon City, Maginhawa Street is a residential area. But now, the street has become a haven for refreshments and relaxation and has sometimes been referred to as the “melting pot” street of cuisines.

First stop was Fruili Trattoria… pizza and pasta…

AJ recommended we go Italian for our first stop… well, I was famished… and all the walking made me work up an appetite. ^_^

while waiting for our orders, I took my sweet time taking pictures of the interiors…

black boards for the menu…

We forgot to take a photo before we start eating… my bad…

The Mozzarella Sticks and Marinara Sauce made my day… ^_^

Second stop was not supposed to be this coffee shop. But the afternoon sun pushed us to grab a couple of frappucino and cronuts… (unfortunately, they were out of cronuts…)

AJ waiting for our orders
snapping photos of the counter…
look at the display…
The frappucino was ordinary… the blend was too sweet for me. But they have cafe music every Fridays and Saturdays if I’m not mistaken,… mellow, tempered and unruffled smooth jazz guitars playing Jazz Standards.
Third stop, Burger Project. This burger joint’s catchphrase is “Customize Your  Own Burger.” As you enter the place, a pen and paper will be given to you. The paper is a checklist of what kind of burger patty, sauce, toppings, cheese, etc. you’d like for your burger. So, just check what you want on your burger. The checklist includes the price so you can stay on budget.
place your orders…
beef patties for me… onions, pickles, tomatoes and the works…
AJ went for the Canadian Ham…
sample order sheet I was rambling about…

If you are having a hard time choosing what ingredients to put on your burger, the food store has a menu called “designer’s burger”. Some of the best-sellers are Western Bacon Melt (Php200+) and French Lick (Php200+)

Now, we seriously wanted to try out more establishments… but the amount of food we consumed was making me dizzy… then AJ suddenly dropped the bomb… we have to visit the ice cream place…

… makes me think of outerspace…
periodic table? are you sure? ^_^
they have the classic flavors and unique selections…
… blue…
liquid nitro..better be safe and read.
nitrogen + ice cream… excited
Dragon’s Breath… smores to be dipped in food grade liquid nitrogen

This Dragon’s Breath suggested by AJ really made me curious. You’re going to be served 4 pcs of smores on a stick and a cup of food grade nitrogen. All you have to do is dip the smores in the cup of nitro and eat. Fun starts when you start chewing, fumes from the nitro will come out from your nose and mouth… similar to a dragon’s breath. ^_^

Aj eating his “dragon’s breath” since I can’t finish everything

The Dragon’s Breath ended my Maginhawa food trip with a smile. AJ took a video of me while munching on the nitro dipped smores… of course I’m not posting the video… HAHAHAHA!!!

Until next time! watch out for more food trips!

Friuli Tratoria
79A Maginhawa Street, UP Village
Quezon City
11am- 1am

Forte Coffee House
120 Maginhawa Street, UP Village
Quezon City

11am- 11pm
The Burger Project
122 Maginhawa Street, UP Village
Quezon City
11am- 12mn

46D Magiting Street, UP Village
Quezon City
5:00pm to 10:30pm


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