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Shawarma Snack Center


Shawarma Snack Center, the hole-in-the joint tucked in a little street in Manila. SSC is always frequented by Middle Eastern expats who are craving for a home-cooked meal, as well as local diners who want to try a different dining experience. Yet no matter where you come from, you can find an interesting fare in SSC.

Some of the bestsellers include the creamy appetizer called Moutabal (Php 120), the incredibly Arabian Shawarma Plate (Php 170). All these dishes have huge servings.



Moutabal- mashed up eggplants with tahini, Greek yoghurt, lemon, garlic and salt.


grilled beef kebab with biryani rice

Grilled Beef Kebab with Biryani Rice- Bursting with flavors, but the beef was dry.


SSC also offers shisha and hookah rentals for Php 150, as well as shisha pipe and Middle Eastern sweets and groceries for sale.

Tipsy from all the alcohol I have consumed, double it up with a case of munchies and another tipsy conoanion, Kim… We ended up walking to Salas Street in Malate from The Bar@1951 after business hours. It’s a late post, I went here to many times before… but I went here with Kim about 4 months ago.


Kim made me order the grub as she took selfies and blabbed away (remeber she was also tipsy… *wink).


I decided to order two things things ffrom the menu intended for sharing. I can’t eat too much with all the alcohol in my system, unless I plan to replace Linda Blair in the Exorcist movie.


I have no idea why they had fries on the chicken shawarma plate… don’t ask.


I love falafels eversince I first had a bite of this before… but I think Beni’s falafels were better. It’s not bad, but I think it’s more of quantity than quality if you ask me.

One of the few places in Manila that are frequented by foreigners or locals. Next time you had too many beers, drop by the place for a tummy filling fix.

Shawarma Snack Center
Salas Street
Mabini, Manila



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