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The Bar@1951


They say Malate is not a good place to go to… that’s what I always hear from most people. Maybe since most bars and restaurants are in BGC and Makati… known for places to see and be seen. But hey, I gotta admit, Malate has been dominated by Japanese and Korean restaurants and KTVs, infested with cheap whores and parking is definitely a problem. Maybe I have lived too long in Manila to have appreciated it’s beauty when others didn’t.

Malate used to be known for live music way back. Yes, foreigners and locals come down for a night of music and booze. Different and interesting people. Now, places are closing down. I have enjoyed the night life in Malate, even worked there.  It’s a shame only a handful of places stayed open, owners trying to keep the business as much as they could.

There’s a little place called The Bar@1951 in Malate. Its a small hidden gem along Adriatico near the corner of  San Andres Street. The first time I went there with friends, we got lost. It’s a two-story establishment beside Union Bank in Adriatico, no signage or banners… it looks ordinary during the day.


The exteriors as the sun comes out…

This humble looking bar takes you into a warp zone as you enter. Don’t let the exterior fool you. As you enter the bar, ecclectic chairs, tables and art work will get your attention.  For me, it’s part of its charm. The establishment is cozy and relaxing.


Once you go up to the second floor, the feeling is even more relaxing. This is the smoking section of the bar, and the best place to stay if you want to chat with friends. The second floor also has a loft.



The bar is known for live music, musicians are the real deal. They feature different genres from reggae, blues, ska, rock and roll and even dub music.



The Lagkitan Trio… photo credits to Ernie Francisco Javier


Good Leaf Album launch photo credits to Ms. Kim Bacaro (the pretty lady posing for the camera)

Events are also held here like album launching, art exhibits and even had an open mic events before.



The younger generation might ask if there’s wi-fi connection, my answer… hell no! You want internet connection, go to a coffee shop or an internet shop (or better yet, use a pocket wifi or your own data connection). Come here if you like music, grub, drinks and meeting people the traditional way… by talking to the people seated on the next table, introduce yourself and get to know someone new. The regulars know each other here, you can talk to anyone freely (so stuck up bitches and a-holes this is not a place for you!).

I can say that the staff are one of the reasons why patrons come back. Why? The bar doesn’t have table numbers, the staff takes your name and talks to you, making you feel at home each and everytime. They even remember what your usual order is once you enter the door. Pretty awesome staff if you ask me!

Now, we go to my favorite part- FOOD! A bar is not going to complete without bar chow… As you know, change is the only constant thing in the world… so there were some changes to the old menu from the beer and alcoholic pairings.


This was the very first thing I ordered on the menu when I first came here and I fell in love with it. Yes, goddamn it! I fell in love with a plate of quesadillas hand made from scratch inside their kitchen. (That’s why I get fat!)



Their pizzas (also made from scratch and brick oven baked) are one of the favorites. They have different flavors, so even vegetarians can enjoy their pizza. The sauce you see served with it is also made from real tomatoes and spices… no short cuts.


Bagnet with Spicy Gata

I’m proud of this baby… Bagnet in spicy coconut cream (or gata in Tagalog) enough said. LOL!


Kilawing Tuna

Not into meat? I suggest you go for their Kilawing Tuna. The vinegar doesn’t overpower anything, you can still taste the freshness of the tuna while the chilies gives you the kick.



Something you don’t see very often in a bar menu… I give the chef’s Dinakdakan two thumbs up for this!

Enough of the food, what I featured were just some of the ones I like. I can go on and on but it’s not going to help my waist line after.

Now, a bar won’t be a bar without drinks, right? They serve local beers and cocktails such as margaritas, flavored mojitos and rum colas to name a few. Hard liquor are also available and they added shooters on the menu too.



Jager Bomb! You have a choice… drink it with the bull or the horse (red bull or red horse)


ocean bomb… drop the shot glass inside the other glass and drink…


I honestly can’t remember what this was… lol!


my lethal favorite… Super Sub

As much as I love my beer and Jager… if you think you can drink anything, come and try the bar’s super sub… I’ll even drink it with you bottoms up and see if you can still stand up without getting smashed. LOL!

There’s a whole lot more I haven’t covered here, but I guess you need to visit to find out more. Try to give old Malate a chance, who knows you might change your mind about a thing or two… and maybe even come back for more.

The Bar@1951
1951 Adriatico Street,
Malate, Manila
6pm to 1am tues-thurs
6pm to 3am fri-sat


One comment on “The Bar@1951

  1. Elmer Nev Valenzuela
    December 21, 2015

    Wow looks like the return of Mayrics


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