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Kanto Freestyle

Yes… I am weak. I got myself dragged to unfamiliar places (yes, Pasig is not my area) to eat. I know if friends left me, I won’t have a choice but to get grab-a-taxi or grab-a-car because I don’t know how to go about Kapitolyo, Pasig.

Dragged by friends who knew the area better than I do, (yes they’re either from the area or near the area) I allowed myself to be dragged for brunch.

As we reached Kapitolyo, we walked a couple of blocks from the circle to what it seem like a residential area. A bungalow with an open gate (no aircon from what I saw). There was a bunch of people outside, who were waiting to be seated. The place was packed when I tried to take a peek.



After yakking and the waiting outside where humidity was testing my patience, we were ushered to our seats 30 minutes later.

We were given the menu. According to my companions, the place offers gourmet breakfast. I scoured the menu and waited for the others to take their pick.



The place looked like a garage, or covered parking area beside the kitchen. The walls were decorated with capiz windows and frames. Orange lights which would probably look nice in the evening (its morning when we went there) or late afternoon. One of the waiters took our orders and we again waited for the “gourmet breakfast”.


As everyone tries to talk and joke around, I was checking the time… it has been more than 30 minutes since we ordered our food and drinks. I’m getting irritated.


I ordered Barako Coffee with my breakfast, and to be honest, seeing this after I waited half an hour was making my blood pressure rise. I haven’t touched my coffee when I took this picture. Another 15 minutes later, our food were served. Let me show you.



The kesong puti balances the saltiness of the tuyo flakes.. topped with pesto. (The pesto is not to rave about though


Imagine champorado sprinkled with tuyo flakes… odd ball combinations that actually work. Best during rainy days. The contrast of flavors works so good.


They could do better when it comes to plating. Taste, nothing to rave about either but not bad.


Vigan Longganisa

The vigan longganisa is a bit bland. I was waiting for the Vigan longganisa kick but it came short.


honey chicken

This is actually good. But if you ask me, the pesto on top of the tomato just looks like garnish… better take it off from the menu description. I thought the pesto was part of the dish to compliment the chicken.


Pancakes topped with blueberry and strawberry. Pancakes are a bit tough instead of fluffy, berries on top did the trick for the pancakes.


Forgive me, but when it waa set on the table, I thought the pancakes had bagoong (shrimp paste) on top. Turned out to be crushed oreos turned into a spread.

The prices are affordable, but when it comes to service, I say it needs improvement. There was even a point when orders and the bill was mixed up.
I didn’t say its not a good place to go to, but there are room for improvements when it comes to operations.

Kanto Freestyle
1st Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
(02) 7755428
(02) 7755468


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