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3 little piggies channeling Dora the explorer… Carbs Burger Grille


One Sunday afternoon, I decided to take my boys out for a “Dora the Explorer” day. I’m fully aware how much my kids loved burgers, and visiting a burger joint far away from Binondo would be a good thing to do… and no, we weren’t going for McDonalds, Jollibee or Burger King for the burger craving.

I messaged Faves (a friend and former team mate) for directions on how to get there as soon as we reached Santolan Station (yes, I had no idea where we were going!). Good thing someone came up with waze… a true life saver for people like me.

We were welcomed by Faves and CK when we arrived, and Jherson came out from the kitchen a few minutes after. And so, I was given a menu to choose from.


Looking at the menu, what drawn me to travel all the way from Manila to Marikina was the lava rock that they’re using to grill the burgers. We picked the Regular Carbs Jr., Smokey Hungarian Burger Deluxe, the Big Bros and the Thai Pok Pok Wings… yes, you heard me… Thai Pok Pok Wings.

As the kids and I waited for our orders, I tried to observe the establishment while chit chatting with Faves.

The place has a black wall where Jherson doodles which also serves as the establishment’s design… Everything was clean, organized and neat. When I visited it has 7 tables and I was told they were planning to add another to make it 8 (superstition lol!).

Going back, I mentioned the lava rocks they used to grille the burgers… I was curious when they told me they didn’t use coal. We couldn’t take a photo of the burning rocks.. so here’s a photo of the lava rocks before use.


the lava rocks

So, here comes our grub…




I like the burger patties, flavor is there, the burger texture is good- very good ratio of fat and lean beef… yes you heard me right, they use beef- no extenders. Miles immediately became a fan of their Big Bros burger.

Now, one of their best seller is called the Thai Pok Pok Wings… I raised an eyebrow before snickering when I first heard it from Faves. Its her own recipe, and I was curious why it was called like that.


All of a sudden, i smelled something from the kitchen- the aroma of burgers suddenly got dominated by asian ingredients on smoking point! Noticing the reaction on my face, Faves told me that’s how I’ll know someone ordered the Thai Pok Pok Wings. Its generally marinated chicken wings using asian flavors. I won’t go into the details but “Thai” was used because of the fish sauce used. Their perfect formula defined the wings as salty and sweet, with an umami-rich flavour. It is then sealed within a sticky salty-and-sweet glaze adorned with bites of caramelised garlic. I also noticed that customers would rather point at the name on menu when ordering it out of embarrassment, or chuckle as they mention “Thai Pok Pok Wings” at the counter. But I have to admit, the name did caught my attention too!

The kids and I had to leave, I needed to order another Big Bros burger for Miles as his midnite snack. I also wanted to know if the burger would still taste good when you order take out… and guess what… it was still lipsmacking good!


Thanks to Faves and Jherson for inviting us over, to CK for running around with Pao- which gave me quiet time on the way home (he was knocked out tired hehehe!)

Next time you crave for burgers, try dropping by Carbs Burger Grille, their Marikina branch offers more on the menu too!


Carbs Burger Grille
#29 Nicanor Roxas St. Calumpang, Marikina

Carbs Burger Grille
#1C Pasco Ave. cor Evangelista St,Santolan, Pasig

Store Hours: 4pm to 2am daily


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