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Postcards, Art and Manila

I wasn’t the kind of person who’d go nuts about postcards. They weren’t really my thing… until I saw someone come up with unique designs incorporating cute, funny, art and Manila on Instagram.

People around me knew  I have an ongoing love story with Manila heritage, aside from my love affair with food. So these postcard designs were something I wanted to get my hands on… ASAP!

check out the Google Gooeys‘ video about the artist: see video

Meeting Kenny, the artist behind these cute postcards was a sign! I should continue my advocacy despite hearing things like: “you’re wasting your time and effort.” My advocacy is never a waste of time.

I’d like to share some of the artist’s work which are too cute for words! Pin-up postcards!!!

You check out her social media accounts and website:

facebook:    Akim- Ang kwentong inuwi mo

Instagram:  Akim.63

website:       knytai


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